How To Use TikTok Marketing For Growing Your Business?

You should know that this is not the definitive guide on gaining fame on TikTok before reading any further. This post will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to begin routinely generating on TikTok, allowing you to create content that is engaging and consistent with your brand.

To begin, though, some numbers are in order.

  • TikTok has surpassed all other apps in terms of downloads, and it is already being compared to other popular streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. 
    Pitfalls of Marketing TikTok 1. I’m too busy. You can make time for the things that matter to you most by rearranging your priorities. You should prioritise short videos, too, because that’s what platforms are doing.
  • Two, I’m not sure how to use the programme: Not a problem. In-app video editing has been greatly simplified by TikTok. Other video editing tools are available for download, too, if you’d want some practise before diving in. Moreover, there’s Youtube.
  • Third, nobody likes my company or its wares: One of the great things about having a potential audience of 1 BILLION individuals is that some of them will definitely be interested in what you have to say and offer.

Dissecting a TikTok

There are eight components that make up a TikTok:


This is your “why,” if you will. To what end will (and why should) people follow you on Tik Tok? What do you provide for users on this mobile app? In addition, there are a wide variety of solutions to this puzzle. Potentially, some of them could be…

  • So that people can learn
  • Means to amuse by creating disorder
  • Attracting new patrons
  • For a sneak peek behind the curtain
  • The point is made. For Auntie Anne’s, the point of the little screen is to provide you with pretzels in places other than shopping centres, airports, etc. By publishing videos that help you smell the pretzel, we hope to make you crave one and get you to order just one more.


Ah, yes. The one billion people about whom so much has been spoken. Absolutely, that is a huge number of people, and no, we will not be able to meet with each and every one of them. The app is home to a wide variety of users. Several different societies. There are a wide variety of hobbies and pastimes. There is an abundance of motivations for individuals to use this software. Identifying your target demographic is essential.

The best part about Tik Tok is that it’s possible to go big or go home. Soon enough, the proper people will see your work, and you can begin to build your community. At first, though, you’ll need to decide just who it is you wish to contact.

The content, the trends, the design, etc. will be shaped in large part by the age of the target audience. The same holds true for an older crowd; you may tailor your tone and vocabulary accordingly.


Avoid becoming engulfed by the fads. Every time one ends, another one appears to replace it. You should follow the trends that are most applicable to your situation. Even though dance videos are common on TikTok, I wouldn’t utilise them for Auntie Anne’s since (a) I can’t dance and (b) it wouldn’t make sense for the brand.

I don’t want you, social team of modest size that you are, to feel like you have to follow every fad. Do not! Your brand’s goals, target market, and audience should all inform your decisions.

Video Running Time

The same way your videos should be, this section will be brief. DELIGHTFULLY BREVITY. Your videos’ most compelling content—the section that will get people to stop what they’re doing and click on your link—should appear in the first few seconds.

A few videos that succeed in grabbing your attention within the first few seconds are included here.

Realizations you must make about the Second Appearance of Iced Coffee
Fruit Smoothies Made With Weird Ingredients


In the “trends” section, I discussed popular music and sound, but you should put your own music and sound to good use. Find popular audio clips to use. Try to make as much use of them as possible (when it makes sense). When I find a song that works perfectly with a video, I get a rush similar to that of a music video director. Have a good time with it.


The process includes the selection of text, colour, filter, transition, etc. USE IT. The speediest approach to get your point across is through digital reading. Nevertheless, unlike THIS and THIS, your text should be centred. Hashtags
As a society, we have a genuine love/hate relationship with hashtags. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s how Tik Tok users locate videos. Keep in mind that your hashtags will be used as search terms.

As my views increased, I increased the number of hashtags I used on each video to five (sometimes more, depending on the popularity of the hashtag).

Governance of the Neighborhood

To a large extent, this is the most significant feature of TikTok. You may be familiar with the concept of “direct messages,” but on TikTok, the action occurs in the comment section. Our enjoyment level is at its highest at this point. Here, we may have direct communication with consumers and promoters. When I commented on a post where Lizzo discussed being an aunt.

Schedule (Bonus)

Post times are another consideration. Even though there are a lot of “social media gurus” out there who will tell you when it’s “the perfect time to share,” I’ve had videos go viral at all hours of the day and night. Because to the algorithm, I can’t say for sure if timing is crucial on TikTok. It’s important to consider when you’ll be blogging as you get started.

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