An Ultimate Guide: TikTok Hashtags To Boost Your Reach

Hashtags are nothing new to you if you’re a TikTok creator. They have the potential to dramatically improve your TikTok SEO and attract more viewers.

Learn the ins and outs of TikTok hashtags and the best strategies for increasing the reach of your videos in this comprehensive guide.

How do TikTok hashtags function, and what exactly are they?

Hashtags on TikTok are words or phrases prefixed with the “#” symbol and are used to organise user-generated content. When a user uploads a video and tags it with a specific hashtag, it appears in related hashtag searches.
If you search for a hashtag, you’ll see a stream of all the videos that have been labelled with that hashtag, making it easy to quickly find and watch content that is specific to your interests.

That’s great news for both users and creators, as it makes it simpler for the latter to find fresh material. Users’ ability to organise and promote content on TikTok is directly tied to the prevalence of hashtags.

The advantages of utilising TikTok hashtags

Using hashtags on TikTok makes your content more discoverable to people searching for similar material. Some advantages of using hashtags on TikTok include the following:

  • When you add a hashtag to your TikTok video, it becomes searchable by other users, increasing the likelihood that it will be discovered.
  • Expand your audience by connecting with people who share your interests using the # hash tag on TikTok.
  • The potential for your video to go viral increases if it is well received and fits the criteria for a given hashtag.
  • Increased interaction from people interested in the same things as your audience by using content-specific hashtags.
  • Using trending and pertinent hashtags can help you gain new, engaged followers who are interested in what you have to say.
  • Brands can gain more exposure and awareness by using TikTok hashtags to get their messages in front of more people.
  • You can increase your visibility on TikTok by using hashtags to label your content. Users will begin to associate your brand with the hashtags you use if you do so consistently. In addition to raising your profile’s overall visibility, this can help you attract more of your target audience.

Finding and utilising relevant TikTok hashtags

It takes some time to investigate which hashtags are appropriate. Thankfully, you can find the appropriate hashtags in a flash with the help of TikTok’s Trend Discovery feature. You can search for hashtags by number, industry, and location to find hard data on their popularity.
The only real drawback is that you can’t get the full effect by downloading the companion app, making it more difficult to fully explore other content on your mobile device. Here, then, are some suggestions for finding the appropriate TikTok hashtags by hand:

  • Launch TikTok and use the app’s built-in search function to find what you’re looking for. Searching for “recipe ideas,” for instance, can help you make a video demonstrating a dish’s preparation. Searching for a keyword that is specific to the type of recipe, such as healthy recipes or beginner recipes, allows you to narrow your results even further.
  • Under the “Hashtags” tab, you’ll see the hashtags that are relevant to your search. You can see all the hashtags that are relevant to your search by scrolling through the results. Similarly, the total number of views for the hashtag will be shown next to each post.

  • Pick the hashtags that make sense for your post’s subject matter and you think will attract the right kind of attention. Each video on TikTok supports up to 30 hashtags (but stick to 4-6)
  • Choose your hashtags before uploading your video to TikTok. It’s as easy as entering the hashtags into the caption or description field with the “#” symbol prefacing each hashtag.
  • Once you upload your video, it will be discoverable through hashtag searches.

How to make the most of TikTok hashtags?

For optimal hashtag use on TikTok, consider the following:

  • Invest some time in discovering which hashtags are most applicable to your content’s intended audience. Verify that hashtags associated with your niche, theme, or topic are still being used by the TikTok community. This entails doing things like researching the posts of your rivals to find useful hashtags.
  • Try combining widely used hashtags with more specific ones to attract a wider audience that’s more likely to be interested in what you have to say. Generally speaking, there will be less material filed under a more specific hashtag. With less competition, this is beneficial for finding content.
  • Keep up with the times, because TikTok is always changing and the trendiness of hashtags can shift overnight. Keep abreast of what’s happening in the world, and employ hashtags that speak to the issues people are facing right now.
  • Keep the number of hashtags you use to a minimum; overusing them will make your content appear spammy. Do not use more than 6 hashtags per video, and make sure to use a variety of popular and less-used tags.

A Few Closing Remarks

You can’t expect your video to go viral just because you used hashtags. However, planning how you’ll incorporate them into your videos is essential if you want to attract more viewers, communicate with a specific demographic, and establish your brand on TikTok. In order to make the most of hashtags and elevate your TikTok content, consider adopting the aforementioned guidelines.

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