An Ultimate Guide: How To Sell Your Products On Instagram?

Instagram has evolved beyond just a simple photo-sharing software for close pals. The platform has evolved into a potent marketing tool for startups with an Instagram presence.

Check out the results of this 2019 Facebook poll:

Instagram users report discovering new products and services at a rate of 83%.
Instagram is used by 81% of consumers for product research.
Instagram influences the final purchasing decision of 80% of consumers.
These numbers not only show how significant Instagram is for product purchases, but also how crucial it is to master Instagram marketing strategies.

The following five stages can help you sell more effectively on Instagram, whether you’re just getting started or are trying to refine your existing approach.

Five Instagram Marketing Strategies

Are you prepared to hone your Instagram sales strategy?

It’s not as hard as you may assume. There are several preliminary measures you should do before we get into the five-step process of selling products on Instagram.

Switch to an Instagram Business Profile

The recent popularity of Instagram’s Creator accounts may have left you wondering which type of Instagram profile is best for you. You should make the jump to an Instagram business account immediately.

In addition to the new Instagram Professional Dashboard’s in-depth Insights and Instagram Analytics on your audience, business profiles allow you to accomplish the following.

  • The Instagram Purchasing Capabilities
  • Including a “Contact Me” button on Instagram
  • Food Delivery Button Badges and Gift Card Decals
  • Instagram Ticketing Button
  • The Instagram Appointment Scheduler

In addition, you may automate your Instagram posts with a scheduling app like Tailwind. Schedule Instagram posts over the next several days, weeks, or months so that they will be seen by the largest potential audience.

You’ll have to work harder and faster. Intriguing, right? Today is the day to get one!

Facebook business pages can benefit from linking to Instagram accounts.
Don’t forget to link your company Instagram and Facebook accounts if you want to use the new Shop features or test out Instagram ads.

You’ll gain access to helpful resources like the Facebook and Instagram Ads Manager.

After attending to these vital matters, we may finally discuss the plan you’ve been anticipating. With these five pointers, you’ll be well on your way to understanding how to make money on Instagram.

One way to have your Instagram products seen more often is to use hashtags.
Using the right hashtags on Instagram will help your posts (and items) be discovered by those searching in those specific categories.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to polish your hashtag strategy in light of Instagram’s introduction of a Shop page.
Using the right hashtags in your product posts and Stories might help you get discovered by new Instagram users who are following, actively using, or simply searching for that particular hashtag.

In addition, more potential consumers will see your post or Story if it achieves the coveted top spot for a hashtag.

That’s why you need to investigate the use of hashtags!

It’s up to you to sort through all the relevant hashtagged keywords for your goods.

Find hashtags that are popular, generate a lot of search traffic and that relate to persons and hobbies that could be compatible with your offering.
Instagram users can get back to doing what they love—making connections with others on Instagram—faster and easier with Tailwind’s Hashtag Finder.

Simply select a photo from your computer and start writing a caption

Next to your caption, relevant hashtag suggestions will show in a list, color-coded according to how popular they are.

Up to 30 hashtags can be chosen, and the list can be saved for further use in a similar post.
Feature Specifics of Products in Stories and Posts

We now know that 79% of Instagrammers who are exposed to a product on the platform will click over to learn more.

Having such product information readily available can increase the likelihood of making a sale.

The captions of your Instagram posts and Stories are a fantastic place to begin. Here are a few examples of how you might utilise them to inform your audience about your offerings.

Plan your product links carefully

Instagram currently does not support adding links to captions. That implies you’ll need to come up with a different strategy to get people to actually buy items on Instagram.

Several alternatives exist, including Link in Stories. However, your link in bio offers the greatest degree of personalization and access to a variety of products and resources.

Encourage Follower Interaction on Instagram to Attract New Clients

Increasing your Instagram following will help you make more sales. Having more Instagram followers means more people will see your stuff on a regular basis, which means more sales for you.

To achieve this goal, you must maximise the amount of interaction you receive from your followers.

Knowing your audience inside and out is the key to unlocking engagement. Know what makes them tick and what will make them stop scrolling when they see your latest article.

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