How To Get Leads And Make Sales With TikTok

Looking for tips to increase your TikTok sales Need a content plan that aligns with your company objectives?

Social Media Examiner’s Guide to Using TikTok to Generate Leads and Sales

Austin Armstrong and Michael Stelzner worked together to write this piece. See the section titled “Additional Notes From This Episode” for further information about Austin.

How and Why Vertical Short-Form Videos Will Dominate in the Future

Although TikTok was founded later than the other major social networks, it has swiftly risen to prominence. TikTok has been so successful because of its emphasis on vertical, short-form video.

But how come it works so well?

It’s due to two factors, one of which may surprise you.

When It Comes to Social Media, The Future Is Bright

Marketers love TikTok because it has the most organic reach with the least amount of work invested. Instagram and Pinterest, on the other hand, have a smaller potential audience and require more time to gain traction.

The insatiable demand for short-form video content on TikTok is a major factor in the app’s success. These videos are fun, but they are too short, leading to endless scrolling.

SEO’s Bright Future

Most people nowadays are familiar with TikTok, the social media platform and content hub.

Yet, you may be unaware that TikTok also functions as a search engine. Users may locate what they’re looking for with the help of long-tail keywords because the platform is well-stocked with relevant results and the search function is sophisticated enough to process them.

No one predicted the current dominance of audio and video content in search engine rankings. Once upon a time, we were under the impression that Google’s search engine hegemony was secure. Now, social search is the norm, and it’s even altering the way that search engines provide their results.

For social marketers, that’s a golden opportunity. Being a new short-form vertical video platform, TikTok is a great place to put your SEO and content planning skills to use.

First, Tips for Developing a Content Plan for TikTok

It’s well-known how simple it is to achieve rapid success on TikTok. That’s why the platform is so well-liked by artists and, more recently, by advertisers.

Awareness. You may expect these videos to account for the bulk of your content. They have the potential to go viral and expand your TikTok audience because of their wide appeal. There will be a lot of views, but not many buyers. Not a problem. Currently, your goal is only to raise consciousness of your brand.

Consideration. Although this is only a minor portion of your overall content strategy, it is still crucial. Twenty percent of your content should focus on fostering engagement with followers who are already familiar with your brand. Contribute your knowledge, time, and creativity to the conversation, and watch as your audience grows to appreciate and trust you for it.

Conversion. That’s the least important part of your writing, accounting for only 10%. Short films with prominent calls to action will populate your conversion material. These films will have a very low number of views, but a high conversion rate.

Developing Your TikTok Strategy: Part 2’s Three Content Formats

In order to develop a content strategy, it is necessary to first identify your target demographic.

Create a buyer persona representing your ideal client or target market.

The video’s comments section is another source of inspiration. Find what was discussed enthusiastically or what was asked about in further detail.

By doing your homework, you’ll be able to come up with topics for your content. After that, you should analyse what kinds of content will work best at each of the three levels of the TikTok marketing funnel: awareness, consideration, and conversion.

Build Awareness Via Viral Content

At the awareness stage, your goal should be to provide content that is seen by as many people as possible. It needs to be snappy and fun to read while yet imparting useful information.

TikTok Analytics: Third-Party Tools for Content Marketing

So yet, TikTok’s metrics aren’t as in-depth as those of competing platforms. Yet, there are a few crucial criteria that will guide the development of your content strategy.

  • Video completion rate should be your primary KPI. This figure indicates the proportion of viewers who watched your entire video, or who saw it more than once. The TikTok algorithm heavily considers this signal while determining the quality of your video.
  • Although you may be familiar with the audience retention graph from YouTube, this tool is all new to TikTok. Find out if and when viewers lose interest in your videos. Keep track of how long your videos are and check for trends in viewer engagement. If you’re making videos that are 30 seconds long but finding that viewers are losing interest after the first 15 seconds, consider shortening them to 15 seconds.
  • The ratio of likes to views is also used as a signal by the TikTok algorithm. It’s recommended that you aim for at least 10% engagement, or 1 like for every 10 views, to keep expanding your reach.
  • TikTok conversion rates may be monitored with UTM parameters. To track how much of your website’s traffic originates from your TikTok page, include those tracking pixels in the URL in your bio. Due of the limitations of having only one link in your profile, tracking the proportion of your hits that originate from individual videos will be impossible. But, you should be able to estimate which videos are more effective by comparing video views with clicks for particular days.

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