Instagram Polls: A Quick Start Guide

HubSpot found that one of the most well-liked kinds of Instagram Stories included survey or quiz badges.

Conducting market research and maintaining communication with your audience is easy with the help of polls.

Let’s talk about some potential uses for Instagram polls and how to create one in this article.

Instagram Polls: How to Set One Up

1. Launch Instagram and make a left motion.

The first step in creating an Instagram survey is to launch the programme. The next step is to slide left. When you click this, you’ll be brought to the page where you can add content to your Stories.

2. See to it that you’re updating Story. (underneath the record button).

If you’re already here, you should be updating your Story. You can see whether you’re uploading a Story, Reel, or streaming Live under the capture icon.

Make sure you’re publishing to your Story when you create a survey.

3. Gather the media you intend to share.

Now, just grab the media you intend to share.

You can quickly access the stored material by selecting the image icon in the lower left corner of the screen. If you click this, you can pick a media file from your camera roll.

4.In the upper right, you’ll see a sticker symbol; click it.

The survey can be added by clicking the badge in the upper right.

5. Look for the scrolling survey or scroll down to access it.

Now you can select from a variety of stickers that vary by time, place, topic, and more. Select the vote symbol and scroll down.

You can conduct a simple yes/no survey, or a more complex sliding scale poll. You’ll need to navigate down until you see the slider bar to select a survey with a sliding scale.

6. Enter the query and the possible answers.

If you opted for a question-and-answer format, please enter your query and the options for answers.

If you opted for the slide bar, you should write your query and then attach an emoji to the bar.

7. Send your survey to your Story by selecting the “Send To” button.

Simply posting is now required. You can do this by selecting “Send To” and then sharing the item on your Story.

8. Monitor progress.

After putting up a survey, all you can do is wait for people to vote. Check out your Stories to see the end product.

Then, select the user’s name from the “Seen by” drop-down menu. You can see the breakdown of votes and the final tally here.

To inform your audience of the findings of the survey, you can select the “Share Results” option and add them to your Story.

Make sure to give careful consideration to vote placement before publishing.

People shouldn’t have trouble voting because of where the polling stations are located. Position your survey so that it is easily accessible and not too high or low that it is obscured by other Story symbols.

Creating a survey on Instagram is straightforward, as you can see. But what exactly do you do with this function?

Some of the best uses for Instagram surveys are listed below.

  • Get to know your target market. Use polls to get feedback from your audience. Using a quick survey, you can find out what topics and views most interest them.
  • Studying the market. Instagram surveys are a great way to find out what your target market desires to see from your company. I’ve witnessed a protein powder manufacturer, for instance, actively solicit feedback from consumers about their ideal flavour profiles before releasing a new product. This makes your readers feel like you care about what they think and contributes to a sense of community.
  • Obtain comments. Why not just go ahead and ask your clientele for feedback? Polls are a great way to get input and data from your audience.
  • Give your work a home. You can increase your audience’s engagement with the material on your site by using Instagram surveys. With any luck, the survey will generate enough curiosity to drive visitors to your site to check out a blog.
  • Participate in a draw. The movable bar is a common tool for leaders to use when hosting giveaways. page this bar so I know you submitted” is a common call-to-action on the final Story page of a contest.
  • Boost participation. Instagram’s system benefits greatly from polls. A larger percentage of your audience will see your posts in their feeds if they are actively interacting with your brand.
  • The goal of creating Instagram surveys is to stimulate interaction with your audience. Take HubSpot’s Instagram Training training if you want to learn more about marketing with Instagram.

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