Here Are 12 Proven Methods To Increase Instagram Views On Your Website

Over a billion people were using Instagram as of June 2018, making it one of the most popular social media sites in the world. Marketers are flocking to it because of its rapidly expanding user base and strong engagement rates. Despite the platform’s obvious marketing benefits, limited linking and scheduling options make it tough to truly increase website traffic.

Integrating Websites into Your Instagram Bio

Then you should change your bio to include a reference to it. When visitors visit your Instagram page, they will likely click the link in your bio.

“Instagram isn’t link-friendly for the average business.” 2. One of our favourite ways to employ links is to provide enticing captions that direct readers to the bio link. We have discovered that including a link in your bio to an event you are holding, a new blog post, or an available position works best when accompanied by a description that is both snappy and to the point. You may get more people to visit the link in your bio by holding an Instagram contest. How? Simple. Make visiting the link in your bio and filling out the required information one of the prerequisites to win.

Use branded links that include your brand’s name, a keyword, and where the link will lead, since the link in your Instagram bio is the major link that attracts visitors to your website. Branded links, which do just that, might have greater click-through rates than generic short URLs because of the confidence and familiarity they inspire in your target audience. Keeping the link in your bio up-to-date necessitates using a link management solution like Rebrandly, which allows you to change the URL.

“Since I started using Instagram Stories, I’ve gotten a lot more comments and likes on my posts. The appeal of Instagram Stories lies in the fact that the vast majority of users will actually check out your content after being alerted to it.

When it comes to interaction, Instagram is fantastic. The number of app downloads is not often influenced by the number of likes, comments, or saved photographs. People are more likely to click on a link in an Instagram story than in a regular post. However, they might become difficult due to concerns over both quality and timeliness.

Always have your audience do something.

“Scheduling my Instagram posts allows me to prepare ahead of time, and then interact in real time, which has resulted in an increase in visitors to my website from Instagram.

Read up on similar stories to get ideas.

Take a peek at the Instagram profiles of five well-known brands that your ideal consumer is likely to be following. Copy their posting schedule and style and add your own spin on it. Avoid imitating their style. Find out what it is about their feed that attracts your ideal consumer, and include some of those elements into your own. Give your photos some “breathing room” by placing white borders around them.

Make a single update about a sale or promotion and share it many times.

Getting to know your audience and keeping them interested is easier than ever using Instagram. The truth is that relatively few individuals will really view every single one of your shared posts.

Maintain coherence

Telling visitors WHY they should visit your website is essential if you want to increase traffic. Don’t be shy about using the swipe up option after you have 10,000 followers. You can still get excellent conversion rates from Instagram if you have less than 10K followers by including a link in your bio. Check that the bio’s link actually takes readers to the page you intend.

Make use of a swayer

Eleven. We employ Instagram influencers extensively. We have the influencer promote our business by distributing a checklist to their audience.

People who are interested in fashion and who also appreciate electronic dance music are among our ideal customers. We use an array of influencer marketing strategies. We identify influential users whose profiles fulfil our standards, and we initiate contact to determine if we can work together successfully. We frequently provide complimentary items to influential people in return for reviews they publish to their blogs and social media channels. This has helped us gain a lot of new Instagram followers and ultimately generate more revenue.

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