Instagram Story Highlights To Grow Your Brand

In August of 2017, Instagram debuted a new feature called Highlights for users’ Stories. After the first 24-hour display period of your Story posts has ended, you may save them and share them with your followers in one convenient location. This is perfect for reusing material and connecting with your target demographic.

What are you waiting for, not using Highlights? This comprehensive guide will teach you all you need to know to get started with it and will explain how it may help your company. Take a look below to find out!

Highlights in an Instagram story are what?

A user’s Instagram Story Highlights are a collection of their favourite tales from the app. They remain viewable even after Instagram’s standard 24-hour time restriction for Stories has passed. This will ensure that your brand maintains its popularity and usefulness throughout time.

Take a peek at Comicbook’s Instagram page, for instance, then explore the Highlights from their Instagram Stories:

The tales that the Comicbook team posts to Instagram may be organised into a variety of Story Highlights. After doing so, customers may access the material by selecting the category that most closely matches their interests based on the cover art.

How to Pick the Best Moments for Your Instagram Story?

Instagram Story Highlight creation is a breeze, but organising your Stories into cohesive collections can be a real pain. Instagram users may make a Highlight by reviewing their past Story posts. Then, consider how you would classify the information. In addition, you may prioritise your content by listing the factors that have the greatest impact on your company.

Introductions to the Staff
Reviews Events
Here’s how to get started making Instagram Story Highlights if you’ve never done so before:

To use the feature, visit your profile and click the little arrow next to Story Highlights.
Then, select the “New” button (the plus symbol in a circle).
Your previously uploaded media to Stories will be displayed here. The items you like most can be added to your Highlight from this list.

Keep in mind that the chosen Stories will no longer be added to your profile. Consequently, pick the very finest Stories that you like your audience to have permanent access to.
After making your selections, proceed to the next step to enter your title.
We’ll also go through how to modify the Instagram Story Highlight covers from this screen.

Instagram covers for highlights: what are they?

Create a positive first impression with your Instagram Highlights cover.

Below your bio, you’ll see these options. Cover photos for highlights are what the audience will see above the feed when they visit your profile. In addition, they serve as an informative main page for each Highlight category.

Make sure they fit the context, grab audience attention, and accurately portray your company and the information presented.

Instagram: The Best Way to Make a Highlights Cover?

The Instagram Highlights cover can be any photo you’ve uploaded to the app. The spotlight is now on you. Make a row of attractive, easily navigable Highlight covers using your graphic design talents. Thus, it can aid in converting site visitors into devoted fans.

If you’re pressed for time, Simplified can save the day with only a few clicks:

  • Sign in, then select the Instagram Story layout that Simplified has provided. Promotions, special events, commemorations, and news. The perfect, design-free tale for any event.
  • Then, you may modify these Stories to better suit your company’s objectives. To clarify, Simplified allows you to customise the colours and text to match your campaign’s aesthetic, while also allowing you to make Instagram Story Icons to incorporate into your designs for the purpose of making sleek Highlight covers. Then, replace your current IG covers with these, and post them.
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Display Your Brand’s Style

You have decided on a logo and its accompanying colours, fonts, and graphics. Displaying them on your Highlight covers is a great way to set yourself apart from other businesses on Instagram.

BuzzFeed, for one, has made red its signature hue. The colour scheme is identical to that of their brand, and the icons serve to quickly convey the many product types.

Highlight Varieties in the Lineup

Showing off your wares is another great application for Instagram story highlights. You may create a spotlight to draw attention to your items, promotions, and discounts. Alternately, you might add a feature like “Shop” or “Services” to display your company’s offerings.

Announcements Regarding Shares

Make a unique Instagram Highlight to document the company’s updates and milestones. This manner, newcomers to your site may quickly catch up on what your company has been up to. They can observe the progress your organisation has made over time, which can inspire confidence.

Starbucks, for instance, has used Instagram Story Highlights to publicise company policy changes and showcase novel carryout ordering options.

Need assistance producing high-quality designs? Simplified’s drag-and-drop interface and built-in AI copywriter make it easy to create high-quality Instagram posts quickly.

Deliver Useful Content for Learning

Consistently adding new materials to your Instagram stories is one way to boost your marketing efforts. It may be something like a reference to a book, film, or podcast that you’ve written or found interesting. Your company goals and the desired responses from your intended audience will determine the best approach.

As an illustration, consider the workout advice provided by Gymshark. You might do the same, but before you dive in, consider your audience and the kinds of useful resources they could anticipate seeing from you.

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