Be On The Lookout, There Are New Instagram Chat Features You May Have Missed

Instagram’s chatting features are always becoming better. Most social media marketers don’t even notice these kind of changes since the tools they use to oversee their accounts’ direct messages and content engagement handle them automatically.

Nine new chatting options on Instagram

Instagram used elements from Snapchat, TikTok, and Messenger to revamp its direct messages in the past year. In 2022, Instagram introduced these features, which quickly became popular.

The Instagram direct messages’ chatting motif and accent colours

Depending on your device’s settings, the only available options in the past were bright and dark modes. But now, as an Instagram chat theme, you can pick from a variety of stock photos and eye-catching gradients.

Keep in mind that any alterations you make to the DM interfaces apply solely to your private messaging thread with a single person.

Special effects-laden messages

Dismiss your dull direct messages. Personalize your communications by using sound and visual effects.

In-Depth Visual Communication

Instagram now has a video chat tool that allows users to call their friends right from their Instagram DM, which is distinct from Instagram Live.

Together viewing

People stayed in touch during the height of the COVID threat by viewing shows on Zoom. Then, synchronised playbacks were made available through programmes like Teleparty, which greatly improved the quality of shared viewing.

Instagram’s direct messaging section received a chat-friendly update later on. Users may now collectively respond to shared memes, films, tales, and Reels.

Five Conversations in a Round

While Whatsapp and Facebook are well-known for group conversations, DMs on Instagram continue to be the most popular method of communication. Users previously weren’t as interested in the app’s group chat function, but that’s changed since Facebook Messenger joined with Instagram.

Disappearing Instagram 6

With Instagram’s Vanish mode, you can release your inner James Bond by sending messages that automatically delete themselves after a certain period of time.

Vanish mode’s only use is for private conversations, which is a huge plus. You cannot start a conversation with more than one person in it.

Remove sent messages

If you regret sending a message, the “Unsend” button allows you to take back your action. You may totally remove a message from the recipient’s and your end by using the “unsend” button.

Unspoken communication

You may wish to call this person outside of their normal working hours or when they are sleeping. You may send this message to them without alerting them via push thanks to quiet messages.

Reactions in the form of Emojis

Once exclusive to Facebook postings, the company’s Reactions function has now been rolled out to Instagram direct messages as well. You may now just reply to certain messages rather than sending an entire string of emojis.

Double-tapping a message to show your approval used to be the norm. However, you now have access to a wider variety of reaction emojis.

Extra, recent Instagram updates

Instagram has lately released a number of interesting features, including chat capabilities. Here are a few highlights that will enrich your journey.

The Time Keeper

You can see how much time you spend on Instagram and whether or not your consumption rate is healthy with the help of the time tracker.

Like the past

Here are the steps you need to do on Instagram to see the content you’ve liked:

To access your profile, tap the thumbnail image of yourself in the upper right corner.
Select “Account” from the three dots menu that appears.
Find the list of your favorited posts by selecting it.

Limitation of Access

Everyone’s Instagram feed contains at least one user who regularly posts things that others find offensive or upsetting. However, we can’t simply shut them down as a whole. You may restrict their access to your timeline to manage their presence there.


Instagram Reels, like TikTok, let users make and share looping compilations of short videos. Currently, a 60-second clip is all that can be shared with your fans.

If you post anything to Reels, it won’t disappear from your feed as it does on Instagram Stories. You may use the other sophisticated capabilities to make interesting promotional videos for yourself or your company.

Go to your Instagram camera and select the Reels option to get started generating reels. Then you can see the full range of user-generated content on Instagram.

Lessons Learned

Instagram is always adding new chat options to make the app better for its users. You may use your DM for anything from quiet communications to co-watching. Give these functions a try, and see how they improve your interactions with others.

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