IGTV Ads: Run A Successful Campaign With 4 Proven Tips

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Videos are taking the internet world by storm. Interestingly, over 40% of online users watch videos for 10 hours a week. Why are videos great for viewers? It helps to deliver an accurate message to audiences, making them engaging. Keeping this in mind, Instagram launched the IGTV feature to deliver long-form content like YouTube that helps users to understand the concept in a great way.

To gain more audience’s attention, Instagram launched the IGTV ads feature to target audiences according to their interest and behavior.

Are you new to IGTV and want to start running IGTV ads? Stick around the article to learn tips for running a successful IGTV ad by enhancing content optimization.


IGTV ads are short for 15 seconds long that appear while watching or opening up any IGTV videos on your Instagram feed. There are three types of IGTV ads that are categorized according to the displaying time:

  • Pre-roll
  • Mid-roll
  • Post-roll

Create IGTV ads in a vertical format that are mobile-friendly to enhance the users to watch easily. 

How To Advertise On IGTV?

First, before creating IGTV ads, ensure that you have an Instagram business account. Only the business account can access the IGTV ads feature, but it is available only in a few regions. If you want to link a particular content on your Instagram account, IGTV ads help to achieve it.

Then, get on to the Ads Manager under the settings and select Create option. Then, you will get an option to select the objectives of running IGTV ads such as:

  • Brand awareness
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Reach
  • Video views

With an objective, go forward to create ads as usual. Then fill in details about your campaign, delivery, budget, optimization, and target audiences. Then choose the Placements where you want to display your ad. To place an IGTV ad, go to Instagram IGTV, which is available in the In-stream category. 

Then paste the required IGTV URL in the Ad Creative section to link audiences to specific content. At last, provide a call-to-action button to complete your ad creation.

IGTV Ad Tips

Creating IGTV ads with great content and displaying them to the right audiences is crucial to success. Get on to the tips to find the best ways to run IGTV ads.

1. Be Original

Most users avoid watching ads if it looks irrelevant and boring. So, the best thing is to create authentic content to build trust among target audiences and stand out from the crowd. Better link your ad with the IGTV video that has greater audience engagement. If your account contains videos with fewer audience visits, search for the best place to purchase IGTV likes for the specific video that enhances the new audience’s trust. So prepare an ad with original content and link with the IGTV video that has greater engagement on your account.

2. Provide Relevant Creative Content

The best way to gain your audience’s attention is through attractive content that provides an engaging concept. Before creating a video, do complete research on finding your audience’s interest and create IGTV ads accordingly. Use the latest trends in your niche to create great content and win your audience’s minds by getting more reach.

3. Focus On Quality

Generally, people focus on quality content while watching IGTV videos. Prepare content with great video quality and link the IGTV video link to your ad to expand your brand reach in the right way. More than quantity, quality is essential to be successful while running ads.

4. Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to win the marketing strategy on Instagram. Though it is IGTV ads, maintaining a consistent post on your Instagram feed will help to recognize your brand reach when they view your ad. If your audiences identify your brand while running IGTV ads, then the success falls on your brand with greater reach.

Final Thoughts

Instagram provides a great advantage for users to understand the content briefly by launching the IGTV feature. Brands get extra benefits by utilizing the IGTV ad feature to boost their reach faster. So with the above engaging tips, your IGTV ads will definitely reach your target audiences within a short span.

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