How to hack Instagram marketing for your business [10 actionable tips]

Ten years have passed since Instagram was first introduced as a social app for sharing photographs. Who could have predicted that it would be used for so much more than just photographing and sharing everyday moments? More and more content creators and businesses are making waves with Instagram marketing, propelling Instagram to new heights of popularity in recent years.

According to research, 200 million Instagram users regularly check out commercial accounts. In addition, there are over 849 million people who encounter ads on the photo-sharing app every month. Furthermore, over 72% of users have made a purchase based on something they saw on Instagram.

It demonstrates that Instagram may be used for purposes other than self-expression. Its many useful tools for growing enterprises have made it a boon for companies and brands.

Explore the Data with Insights

Instagram has its own analytics so you can see how well your posts are doing. Check out the tabs labelled “content” and “activity” under the “insights” page of your profile. You may learn more about your profile’s reach, impressions, and visits by clicking on the corresponding tabs. You can even see how many people clicked on your links throughout that time frame.
The audience section reveals what kind of readers are most interested in your posts. Examining your followers’ peak activity times on Instagram can also help you determine when you should be posting. Additionally, you can examine the reach and impressions of certain posts and stories to conduct a more nuanced evaluation.

Stories and blogs that can be shopped

The social media platform for sharing visual content expanded consumers’ access to online purchasing when it introduced the Shoppable Posts feature. With shoppable posts, businesses can encourage customers to make purchases without leaving the Instagram app. Everything from initial product research through final purchase on Instagram is included. Therefore, as a retailer, you should acquire shoppable posts.

Conjure up your own vibe

Instagram is a hub for creators and brands alike. And if you want to separate yourself from the pack, find your own style. Make your profile stand out from the crowd by giving it a distinct tone and focus. Improve your profile’s aesthetics, images, colour scheme, and brand hashtag (which we’ll go into later). Your audience’s impression of who you are will be shaped by the overall tone of your profiles.

Put up a show and teach people something

Getting your message in front of people these days means doing it digitally. You may interact with your audience in real time on Instagram Live, for example. The live feature is yours to do with as you choose, but the best use of it is to teach your audience something. Schedule live events in which you will create a helpful instructional video. You may host a question-and-answer session in which you field inquiries about your offerings.
You may host a live session and invite an influential guest, coworker, or partner. There is a plethora of possibilities, such as sharing an intriguing cake recipe if you regularly barter in baked goods. Another option is to discuss the types of clothing that are most appropriate for the current season if you are involved in the fashion industry.

Arouse interest

The ultimate purpose of any form of advertising should be to stimulate the interest of the target audience. With Instagram, you have a plethora of options to keep your marketing strategy fresh and engaging. Use some imagination when writing your posts so that readers will feel compelled to do the desired action. As an alternative to just making an announcement, you could, for instance, come up with a clever teaser centred around your new offering. You can see how Nike announced the arrival of a new range of sneakers with an extremely original graphic in the image below.

Hashtags for brands

Hashtags are useful because they promote your content to the top of the results pages for the relevant hashtags. It seems like you’ve already incorporated quite a few of them. To take things further, you may create a branded hashtag that serves as a singular symbol for your company. Your Instagram marketing efforts can benefit from the addition of a branded hashtag.

Advertise on Instagram to achieve your business goals

Instagram Ads is a highly targeted method of reaching Instagram’s massive user base. However, it is recommended that you identify your objective before moving forward with Instagram Ad Campaigns. For instance, you may use swipe-up story Ads to increase exposure to a specific blog article. You can also utilise carousel advertising if you want to advertise several products at once. In addition, the substance of your advertisements requires careful attention.

Use Instagram Stories to Create Brand-Centric Content

Over 500 million accounts create and share stories every day on Instagram, the company claims. Users are attracted to stories because they are more immediate, natural, and interpersonal than other forms of content. If you often use blog articles or lengthy movies to explain your brand’s narrative, try IG stories instead. Instagram Stories allow you to create a narrative around your brand or product. You can also add some flair to your tales by making use of the program’s pre-installed effects, stickers, and gifs.

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