Instagram Live: Best Practices To Ponder In Mind

During the COVID-19 quarantine, one study discovered an increase of 76% in daily gathered likes on Instagram ad posts. This higher level of engagement makes sense, particularly given the surge in Instagram usage.

Marketers who wish to reach their audiences will have no problem finding them in at least one place: The following eight tips will help you produce outstanding Instagram Live videos.

What is Instagram Live? 

An Instagram Live is a live video stream of an Instagram story, as seen at the top of your feed, but it is recorded and streamed in real time as it happens. You will see the live stories pinned to the top of your Instagram feed as the circle icons at the top of your story to indicate that a business or person is currently live. Instagram users can then watch along as the story unfolds.

Ensure your professionalism and authenticity 

Since we have discussed Instagram Live and why it can provide a powerful tool for your marketing, we must discuss how to create high-quality content in order to effectively engage your audience while you are live. During this meeting, it is not appropriate to read from a script or act like a salesperson.  As a result, the audience wants to see you live in order to experience authentic human interaction. The need for real, authentic human connection is more evident in times such as these, where we are socially estranged from each other. When this is the case, even the screen of an iPhone can attain that connection.

Spend time planning

In theory, it may seem a good idea to just dive into Instagram Live and show your followers exactly how great your business is, but it may not go as smoothly as you had envisioned. Even though Instagram Live has a more casual, less pre-planned feel, live sessions that are well organized and set out in advance can be very effective for those who do it right. This is also true for the goals you have for Instagram Live. SMART goals need to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.

Along with setting your objectives, your format should be well-planned and organized. Is there a chance that your livestream will include a question and answer period? Other different Instagram Live approaches could be live streaming an event, a product preview, a video-based session, or an office tour. It is essential to know what the topic is that you will cover to keep the audience engaged despite the possibility of having endless formats.

Stay in line with an ongoing series 

Especially in these uncertain times, people like to stay consistent.You are more likely to succeed with Instagram Live if you are consistent in sharing a daily, weekly, or monthly livestream series. In designing a series, you are likely to be most successful by focusing on education-related content that your audience members typically expect.  Once your live session is over, you will have the recorded video for which you can buy instagram likes monthly to grow your account with likes and comments.

Promote Your Live Videos

Your follower and lead base should also be informed about your strategy, in addition to having a consistent series. In order to make sure your audience is aware of the when, what, where, and why of your Instagram Live campaigns, you should market them to them as if they were other in-person events, in terms of marketing. Promote your live events through your other social media channels and through email and then target these promotions to appropriate audiences. For example, if your upcoming live event is most likely to be appealing to a particular segment of leads, consider designing an email campaign aimed at capturing their interest.

6 Simple Tactics To Increase Your Instagram Reach

Instagram is the top social media platform in the competitive world at present. More than 1 billion people are using Instagram every month, and half of the million people are posting stories every day. Instagram is the best network to promote your business and to reach your target audience to increase your sales on the platform. 

Before going to increase your reach on the platform, first understand how the Instagram algorithm works. Because it helps you figure out how to improve your Instagram reach in a short period, are you wondering what the tips to boost your Instagram reach are?. You have come to the right place. In this article, I’ll share five powerful ways to increase your Instagram reach today. 

1. Find Your Posting Time

To increase your Instagram reach, you need to schedule your posting time to engage with your audience. It takes a long time to find the best posting time but send some time to analyze when the majority of your audience is online. If you are using an Instagram business account, you can check your insights to find your audience’s most active time weekly. Once you find the perfect posting time ensure to post at the same time to engage your audience. 

2. Experiment With IGTV

Instagram introduced a new feature, IGTV. It allows users to create a channel and lets them post long videos for up to 10 minutes. Use IGTV to post funny and engaging content on your channel and get more likes, views, and comments. When you get more comments for your post, then your content will go viral on the platform. Also, you can buy Instagram TV comments to increase your comments instantly to your videos. With this, you can quickly improve your content reach and get more audience to your channel. 

3. Ask Question To Boost Engagement

Asking questions or calling your followers to perform some action is one of the fun ways to boost your audience to engage with your content. You can use polls and quiz stickers in your stories to increase your story engagement. While posting question stickers helps your followers to interact with you and your brand. Also, it makes them ask more questions about your brand. 

4. Share User Generated Content

Recreating user-generated content will encourage your followers to share those content. Building relationships with your audience might help you to increase your content rank. According to research, 50% of people trust user-generated content more than non-user-generated content. UGC is a very popular content idea in every social media network. Also, it has the potential to expand your brand reach to a massive audience. 

5. Tell Instagram Stories

More than 500 million people are daily using Instagram to maximize their content reach to a broader audience. Instagram stays top of followers’ feeds, so it has the potential to grab your audience’s attention. If your followers view your Stories regularly, it will also increase the rank of your Instagram post. Use effective stickers in your stories to attract your audience and encourage them to ask questions. Since the story only lives for 24 hours, you can go for story highlights to post your engaging stories. 

6. Create Instagram Reels

Reels is a new feature that offers plenty of opportunities for marketers and content creators to promote their business on the platform. Share behind the scene video to attract your followers and boost them to engage with your content. If you can share a scene behind the screen, you will receive more comments for your videos. When you buy Instagram reels comments for your videos, it will boost your audience, and you automatically comment on your videos. Use these tips to increase your Instagram reach and get success on the platform.