How To Determine The Best Time To Publish On Social Media?

Similar to other social media platforms, TikTok relies on the likes and comments of its users to thrive. Learn when it’s ideal to buy TokMatik TikTok followers to enhance your profile, what kind of content to include in your posts, and how to increase your followers, views, and engagements on TikTok. Timeliness of distribution is discussed in this article.
You won’t hear “Come on!” from the author. You need to post immediately! In the same way, cautioning you not to waste time is not helpful. These are also crucial, but knowing when your followers in your time zone are most likely to be using TikTok is the single most critical factor. If so, then time equals money.

How can we determine when our most engaged audience members are online?

As TikTok’s audience is global, it’s important that you, as an influencer, know when it will be the most engaging for them to watch your content. The folks who follow you—are they Chinese? The next step is to pinpoint peak times for TikTok use in China.
Such moments are priceless! It’s unclear, though, what time people actually log on to TikTok. We’ve already established that countries and individuals all around the world are distinct from one another. If you want to know when is the perfect time to publish on TikTok, here are some suggestions.

Firstly, sign up for a Pro account to gain access to the analysis tools.

The Analytics feature of TikTok lets you see the demographics of your user base, including how many people use the app and where they live. Unfortunately, the Pro edition of the service is required to access this function. We recommend upgrading to a Pro account if you are serious about growing your TikTok fan base. Then you’ll know how to make the most of TikTok Analytics.
The process of signing up for a TikTok Pro account is outlined briefly below.
In the upper right corner of your user profile, you’ll see a toggle switch. Click that to visit the My Account management interface.

  • Choose the Upgrade to a Pro Account link under “Manage My Account.”
  • Next, classify your company.
  • Following these instructions, your standard TikTok account will be upgraded to the Pro tier.

Make use of Analytical Tools

Clearly, then TikTok’s Premium Account Analytics section is split into three different sections:

  • Summary
  • Content
  • Followers

The part devoted to your followers allows you to keep tabs on their number, where they live, and what they’re up to (for example, the type of videos your followers are watching the most). The optimum time to post and the type of content your audiences like the most can be determined by observing when they joined your page. Remember to put this data to use when thinking up ideas for content and scheduling its release on TikTok.

When your target demographic is most likely to be online, that’s the optimum moment to post a video to TikTok

You can learn more about your target audience’s location and time zone from the section labelled “User’s Country of Residence.” To determine when is ideal to upload to TikTok, this function is crucial. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you’re based in China but have a sizable fan base in London. The time difference between London and China is roughly 6 hours.

Sharing your content in London is most effective when you take into account when your target demographic is most likely to be online (for example, in the evening or when they are not at work or school). Sometimes this is the moment you’d normally be tucking yourself into bed! Hence, if it’s required, you’ll have to alter your usual practises.

See what times of day and which days of the week your followers tend to be most active on TikTok

Although the TikTok Analytics tool is not exactly child’s play, it does have several advantages and benefits. With its functions, you may ascertain the times of day when your target demographic is most active, allowing you to schedule your video production accordingly.

The analytics tool has a component labelled “Followers Activity” that shows the actions of your followers. When your audience is most likely to be online and watching TikTok, as well as visiting your account, you can find out here.
Remember to adjust the activity time for your target audience so that it is in their own time zone.


By considering all the aspects and criteria given here, you may find the optimal moment to share content on TikTok or any other social media platform. It may seem like a lot of extra work to use an analytics programme and double-check the data, but the benefits are well worth the effort. Even if you’re posting high-quality content tailored to your audience’s tastes, it won’t help you gain fame on TikTok until your videos actually get viewed. You can use reviews on Instamber’s TikTok bot to raise your organic reach and user engagement if you need advice or assistance growing your TikTok channel.

Assess your content creation procedures

Besides learning when is the optimum time to post on TikTok, assessing the quality of your material is essential if you want to see an increase in your number of likes. Don’t brush it off. Maybe dull, but useful, and as I said before, crucial. The success of your recent postings can be viewed in the Analytics tool and the content subset.

By selecting one of your videos in this section, you may get information on the popularity of your postings (such as the total number of views, the average number of views, the time zone from which the majority of your viewers are coming, and the location of those watching your video).

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