6 Basic Innovations On How TikTok Podcast Promotion Works?

TikTok is a social platform which connects people via short-form videos. But like so many of  the older adults adapt to the times and get to know how to promote a TikTok podcast. The pandemic has brought “older people” to TikTok, and the app has become a hub for niche communities, like book lovers, green thumbs, and public health wonks. That’s why TikTok is considered a great idea to promote your podcast! You can find new viewers on TikTok if you can notice what your interests are.

So, without further delay let’s dive in and know the way of promoting your podcast on TikTok.

  1. Make Use of What You Have

Podcasts are not available on TikTok because it is a visual platform (most of the time). So, how can you reconcile the two?

It is one of the quickest and most effective methods for visualizing your program to record yourself reviewing the content of your episode.

The idea is most effective when the person doing the recap is also the podcast’s host. Benny Higgins, the host of the GAYD podcast, in which he discusses the television series that he and his sister are watching while they are in quarantine. Benny will frequently create a TikTok video in which he speaks directly to the camera about a topic covered in TV GAYD that week. It’s a podcaster’s fantasy come true: no editing, no scripting!

  1. Make Use Of Text

Using a voiceover from your podcast and then having it transcribed as text in a video is another simple approach to convert your audio into a visual presentation of your podcast content. You may accomplish this with the use of free applications such as Headliner.

These are text videos that my team and I create practically every week for our host’s TikTok account. Math Therapy is a podcast that is all about improving our relationship with mathematics. When we upload these text videos, we always observe a slight increase in the number of people that listen to us  or use TikTok views to uncover your existence.

It provides TikTok listeners with a sneak peek inside your podcast, allowing them to feel the subject matter and the host’s manner in a low-pressure environment. TikTok, when used in conjunction with a clear call-to-action in your caption.

  1. Make Use Of a Popular Footage On TikTok

As an alternative, you may use clips from popular media related to a soundbite on your podcast and then overlay your podcast audio on top of the video. This one is a little more difficult to modify, but it has a significant influence.

For example, I learned about Movies That Raised Us (a podcast that analyzes the early 2000s films that impacted the presenters) when I saw one of their funny TikTok videos, which I found on YouTube. 

  1. Get Used To Behind-The-Scenes Content

TikTok is also an excellent platform for sharing behind-the-scenes content related to the production of your podcast. Studio tours and editing tutorials are educational and entertaining, such as Nick Parry, who demonstrates how to edit podcasts using Garageband and Descript. People are nosy, and they’ll likely be interested in seeing how you set up your stuff. I’m sure I do!

  1. Educate People on TikTok

TikTok videos that are educational perform admirably on the app. It may come as a surprise to you, but NPR’s Planet Money has a TikTok account (with more than 8.7 million likes!) where they post things you’ll learn in each episode, using the hashtag #learnontiktok.

  1. Consider Making Memes

Memes based on podcasts. Yes, without a doubt. In a TikTok video, the Frequency Podcast Network parodies podcast producers by including famous noises and making light of them. It’s something we like seeing.

Wrapping Up

However, building email lists or outreach before beginning the podcast promotion will be helpful. Also, try to record at least 3-5 episodes before the launch can raise you to the next level. I hope the six innovations mentioned above will guide you through TikTok podcast promotion. 

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