Top 9 Impressive SEO Strategies To Get More Visitors For Your WebsiteTop 9 Impressive SEO Strategies To Get More Visitors For Your Website

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Every marketer or business owner should know that increasing a website’s visibility can increase sales numbers and revenue. Search engine optimization is an effective way to increase website traffic and attract more leads. The strategy of SEO for improving a site ranking in organic search results and the unpaid listings on a search engine results page (SERP). 

SEO is divided into two groups: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO is optimising all pages of your website that are within your control to rank higher on the Search engine result page and earn more relevant traffic. Off-page SEO focuses on increasing the authority of your website through getting links from other websites. Both have importance in SEO strategies and online marketing. 

On-Page Seo Strategies:

  • Headings
  • Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Alt Text
  • Mobile Responsive 
  • Good Content 
  • Internal Links
  • Good User Experience (UX)
  • Social Tags

Off-Page Seo Strategies:

  • Link building
  • Guest blogging
  • Social Media
  • Social bookmarking

Whether you are looking to increase your website traffic, here are the top 9 SEO tips to follow when optimising your website.

1. Generate High-Quality Content

Content plays such a crucial role in search engine optimization and is at the core of the entire process. you need to spend time and put effort into writing content that is more relevant and contains reliable information. Useful and catchy content is one of the top ways to increase website traffic. Content optimization intent to develop a page’s on-site meta tags like:

  • Having an appropriate word count
  • Having optimal meta title and description tags
  • Including primary and secondary keywords at the right place
  • Ensuring great readability

A meta description is important for all content to increase the Click Through Rate of a website. If you want to beat your competitors, you should focus on publishing comprehensive content that satisfies the needs of your readers. Meantime, only the best content will secure and retain the top spot. 

2. Keyword Research And Optimization

Using target keywords in content can help you to reach new users. You should use keywords naturally on your content, not stuffed into the content so much otherwise google considers this as a spamming site. For keyword optimization, you could use both paid or organic search. The keyword research tools like Moz, Ahrefs, and SEMrush can help you to identify and obtain high-ranking keywords. 

These tools provide you with the top-performing keywords on a local or global scale. Keywords can signal your topics to google spiders, providing hints as to the overview of the content on the website. Performing keyword analysis and increasing your database of keywords, lead to improving your website performance. Search engine keyword optimization to:

  • Write effective content
  • Drive qualified traffic to your website
  • Understand user behaviour
  • Measure traffic potential

3. Optimise Your Page Title And Meta Description

The page title and meta description is the first thing to attract your target audience. Based on your title the user might decide whether to click or skip the website. All types of platforms allow users to edit their title and meta description at any time. Choose a page title between 30 and 60 characters long and also include your target keyword on the title. 

Keep your meta description under 160 characters and make sure the title and meta description is unique for every page. Topic research tools are available to find the right title for your website.

4. Use Short And Descriptive URLs

A perfect URL can help search engines to analyse your page and provide a more user-friendly appearance on the search engine result page. Improving your URL structure can effectively impact your on-page SEO optimization. 

Including the primary keyword in your URL can help visitors to read and understand your page. Shorter URLs are preferable for SEO optimization. Because search engines can’t process longer URLs and might rank you lower as a result. 

5. Generate Backlinks From High Authority Sites

Backlinks from esteemed sources can increase your site’s authority and improve your SEO over time. If you want to drive more organic traffic to your website, you can prefer to buy high DA PBN backlinks. It is an excellent SEO link-building technique to offer your valuable content one of the best sites. 

Backlinks you receive from PBN sites are more quality, which is considered the best type of link. Google focuses on backlinks in your website and will increase its trust in your page if it sees other authority sites pointing to yours. 

6. Optimise Images

Website loading speed is essential for ranking your website on google. You want your website to load as fast as possible make sure your images sizes are small. You should add alt text in your image to rank faster on google. 

If users search images on google, your image alt text helps search engine spiders to crawl your website and begin ranking for it. You should also compress all your images on your website to download quickly. Image optimization is a ranking factor for Google images and general search. 

7. Featured Snippets

More than 11% of search results have a rich snippet beyond the URL and description. Snippets display on the results page such as reviews, knowledge graphs, images, local results, and more. The rich snippet can boost your website on the first organic result, and give you more clicks and visibility. The right ways to keep your snippet,

  • Use headers for easy scanning
  • Maintain social engagement
  • Be clear and concise
  • Ensure cross-device usability
  • Use strong external resources

8. Analyse Your Competitors

You should make an eye on your competitors to know the trending keywords. Analysing your competitors’ websites, you can get ideas of effective content mediums. The traffic analytics tool can show you the total traffics of your competitors, as well as their major traffic sources and traffic channels. 

You could also get an overview of their top-performing pages, including their organic search performance. Try to identify your competitors’ guest posting sites and approach them to get backlinks for your website. 

9. Conduct Regular Site Audits

An SEO audit checks your site for issues that may prevent it from getting organic traffic. Conducting site audits helps you to ensure your website remains both functional and user-friendly. A site audit is a powerful way to know issues you might have missed, like orphaned pages, broken links, or slow load times. You should prioritise and address them before they have a crucial impact. To start a site audit 

  • Create a new project 
  • Specify your page source which you like to crawl.
  • Include your crawler settings, URL parameters, or disallowed URLs.
  • Run your Site Audit


Improving website traffic does not have to be challenging. You could spend some valuable time on solid content creation, backlinks, technical trends, site speed, and schema. Make an effort to understand the basics of SEO strategies, and you can see a big difference in your website’s engagement, click-through rates, and rankings. Use the above SEO strategies to get more organic traffic to your website.

IGTV Ads: Run A Successful Campaign With 4 Proven TipsIGTV Ads: Run A Successful Campaign With 4 Proven Tips

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Videos are taking the internet world by storm. Interestingly, over 40% of online users watch videos for 10 hours a week. Why are videos great for viewers? It helps to deliver an accurate message to audiences, making them engaging. Keeping this in mind, Instagram launched the IGTV feature to deliver long-form content like YouTube that helps users to understand the concept in a great way.

To gain more audience’s attention, Instagram launched the IGTV ads feature to target audiences according to their interest and behavior.

Are you new to IGTV and want to start running IGTV ads? Stick around the article to learn tips for running a successful IGTV ad by enhancing content optimization.


IGTV ads are short for 15 seconds long that appear while watching or opening up any IGTV videos on your Instagram feed. There are three types of IGTV ads that are categorized according to the displaying time:

  • Pre-roll
  • Mid-roll
  • Post-roll

Create IGTV ads in a vertical format that are mobile-friendly to enhance the users to watch easily. 

How To Advertise On IGTV?

First, before creating IGTV ads, ensure that you have an Instagram business account. Only the business account can access the IGTV ads feature, but it is available only in a few regions. If you want to link a particular content on your Instagram account, IGTV ads help to achieve it.

Then, get on to the Ads Manager under the settings and select Create option. Then, you will get an option to select the objectives of running IGTV ads such as:

  • Brand awareness
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Reach
  • Video views

With an objective, go forward to create ads as usual. Then fill in details about your campaign, delivery, budget, optimization, and target audiences. Then choose the Placements where you want to display your ad. To place an IGTV ad, go to Instagram IGTV, which is available in the In-stream category. 

Then paste the required IGTV URL in the Ad Creative section to link audiences to specific content. At last, provide a call-to-action button to complete your ad creation.

IGTV Ad Tips

Creating IGTV ads with great content and displaying them to the right audiences is crucial to success. Get on to the tips to find the best ways to run IGTV ads.

1. Be Original

Most users avoid watching ads if it looks irrelevant and boring. So, the best thing is to create authentic content to build trust among target audiences and stand out from the crowd. Better link your ad with the IGTV video that has greater audience engagement. If your account contains videos with fewer audience visits, search for the best place to purchase IGTV likes for the specific video that enhances the new audience’s trust. So prepare an ad with original content and link with the IGTV video that has greater engagement on your account.

2. Provide Relevant Creative Content

The best way to gain your audience’s attention is through attractive content that provides an engaging concept. Before creating a video, do complete research on finding your audience’s interest and create IGTV ads accordingly. Use the latest trends in your niche to create great content and win your audience’s minds by getting more reach.

3. Focus On Quality

Generally, people focus on quality content while watching IGTV videos. Prepare content with great video quality and link the IGTV video link to your ad to expand your brand reach in the right way. More than quantity, quality is essential to be successful while running ads.

4. Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to win the marketing strategy on Instagram. Though it is IGTV ads, maintaining a consistent post on your Instagram feed will help to recognize your brand reach when they view your ad. If your audiences identify your brand while running IGTV ads, then the success falls on your brand with greater reach.

Final Thoughts

Instagram provides a great advantage for users to understand the content briefly by launching the IGTV feature. Brands get extra benefits by utilizing the IGTV ad feature to boost their reach faster. So with the above engaging tips, your IGTV ads will definitely reach your target audiences within a short span.

5 Incredible Tips To Grow Your Instagram Followers In 20225 Incredible Tips To Grow Your Instagram Followers In 2022

Are you wondering how to increase Instagram followers organically? Gaining more followers on Instagram is key for any business or influencer. The more followers you have, the more opportunities you’ll get to explore your business reach. But this is only possible when you focus on your target audience. 

Instagram followers are not just numbers; they are members of your online community. Boosting followers on Instagram can increase traffic to your site and generate more sales for your business.  In this article, I’ll share a few easy tips that would get more followers for your Instagram account.

Tip 1: Create A Catchy Profile On Instagram

Having an attractive Instagram profile gives a strong first impression to your visitors. Creating a catchy profile will showcase you and your niche. Also, it is a key for converting your profile visitors into followers. 

When someone visits your profile, they need to understand what your profile is all about. If you are a brand, add links to your business to increase sales and traffic. Also, add a branded hashtag to catch your user’s attention towards your brand. 

Tip 2: Embrace Instagram Stories

If you are not posting Instagram stories, you could miss a huge opportunity to grow your follower count. As we know Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours, and many brands and businesses prefer to use stories to grow their business reach and followers count. 

Sharing Instagram stories increases follower count and improves your engagement rate. If you are getting less engagement on stories, think about ways that make your Instagram story views increase to boost your followers and engagement rate. You could use Instagram highlights to save stories that gained maximum engagement so that people could view the stories whenever they visit their profile.

 When you get more views on stories, use Instagram highlights to save your story, which appears as a circle on your IG profile that plays a vital role in attracting new audiences.

Tip 3: Use Instagram Reels

Reels is a short form looping video feature on Instagram and one of the most effective ways to increase followers and reach a new audience on Instagram. Reels are shown in the viewers Instagram feeds, so if you have engaging content, there is an excellent chance to attract new followers to your Instagram profile. 

Use keywords and hashtags in your reels to make them more visible to your audience. But don’t overdo it, the strategic report says adding a few keywords will help boost your content visibility and show people who want to see your video. 

Tip 4: Host A Instagram Giveaway

Hosting an Instagram giveaway is the perfect way to grow your followers on Instagram. With the right giveaway strategy, you can reach thousands of new potential followers to your account. 

Make sure to set clear entry requirements that boost your account growth. Such as sharing IG stories, tagging a friend in the comment, and following your account. Instagram giveaways can be most beneficial when hosted in partnership with brands or creators. 

Tip 5: Make Highly Shareable Content

Creating share worthy content is the best place to begin when it comes to growing organic followers. On-trend memes, inspirational quotes, and informational carousel posts are tested formats that can make your post viral and help you to reach thousands of new people. 

To create successful content, try to find the trending visuals on the platform to reach your goals. The more your content resonates with your audience, the more likely your videos will be shared wider. 

Tip 6: Promote Your Instagram Account On Other Channels

If you are looking for ways to increase your Instagram followers, cross-promoting your profile on other social platforms is the essential key to start. TikTok is an engaging platform for promoting your Instagram account. 

Share Instagram videos on TikTok to generate more traffic and new followers to your IG profile. Additionally, you can create a few engaging TikTok videos and encourage your Viewers to click Instagram profiles through the TikTok platform. 


Growing followers on Instagram can seem like an uphill battle, but if you follow the right strategy and technique, you can increase your followers on Instagram. Follow the six incredible tips to grow Instagram followers and boost your account reach among a wider audience. 

TikTok Advertisements: How To Run TikTok AdsTikTok Advertisements: How To Run TikTok Ads

With nearly one billion active users, TikTok provides an excellent opportunity for brands and businesses to make their services popular among wider audiences. It is only through the TikTok ads feature that boosts the ROI of the brand by running targeted campaigns to gain its audience’s attention.

TikTok ads ensure you stand out from the competition by providing a path to see your content at the right time. To win popularity within the estimated budget, you need to know the effective advertising strategies to get winning campaigns.

Why Choose TikTok Ads?

Any user on TikTok can run ads to master their campaign among wider audiences. TikTok ads work better to showcase your content among your target demographics. According to the research of Data Report, 

  • 43% of TikTok users are between the ages of 18 and 25 years and,
  • 32% of users are between the age of 25 and 34 years
  • Only 11% of users are 45 years or above.

So, most audiences are young, so it becomes the right platform to target your demographics. Going a little deeper into demographics, we found that,

  • Though both men and women use TikTok, female accounts capture 60% of the use.
  • TikTok is a great platform to target U.S audiences since there are 136 million users.

Therefore, the plan to launch TikTok ads for your account becomes the right option to attain growth.

How To Set A Successful TikTok Ad Campaign

Before creating TikTok ads, it is necessary to open a TikTok ad manager account. Here is the detailed guide to running your first ad on TikTok.

#1. Set A Goal

The first step after creating a TikTok ads manager account is to set a goal for your campaign. Find out what you want to achieve by running TikTok ads for your video. Once done, create the most engaging content to achieve your goal from the ad. Some common goals that provide you an idea are:

  • Create greater engagement by connecting with audiences
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Increase the lead generation

The goals may vary according to the brand. So, choosing the right goal is essential to run TikTok ads.

#2. Choose Your Audience

After setting up your goal in the TikTok ad campaign, select your target audiences to whom your ad must show initially. Deciding your target audience is an important step that helps get a potential reach for your video. Consider the following essential factors while choosing your demographics:

  • Location
  • Audience

Location becomes a key to reach the right audiences and audience section routes to find suitable users fit for your brand.

#3. Allocate Your Budget

The ad creation becomes complete only when you set a budget like Google and Facebook ads. Setting the budget for your campaign allocates how much to spend on your ad for each day. There are three essential elements to be considered while allocating the budget for your ad:

  • Budget allocation
  • Amount to spend
  • Campaign schedule

Choose the starting and ending date with a budget to run your ad successfully.  TikTok ads are a powerful feature to create brand awareness and increase sales. Speaking of budget allocation for running TikTok ads, you may encounter situations that don’t favor you to run ads. At that time, you could go for cost-effective strategies that help you reach your goals. One such effective strategy is to buy TikTok fans for your profile which would consequently get more audiences for your videos and further organic reach as well.

#4. Design Your Ad

The last step of setting up your ad campaign is to provide the ad name and upload your video. It is better to choose the vertical video format for your ad. Ensure your ad name is highly engaging to grab your audience’s attention.

Types Of TikTok Ads

TikTok provides various ad formats that help you to choose according to your requirement. Are you ready to take a look at it? Let’s get started!

  • Video Ads: It is the most popular TikTok ad that integrates on the For You page and looks like a normal video.
  • Image Ads: Image ads work similarly to video ads where the content will be in the image format. 
  • Spark Ads: Running spark ads allows leverage of organic posts and their features through advertising.
  • Payable Ads: These are the interactive video ads provided on TikTok. It helps to engage with audiences and maintain a good relationship.
  • Carousel Ads: TikTok carousel ads let users team up ten images into a single ad.


Since the popularity of TikTok is increasing day by day, it has greater potential to reach potential customers. Running TikTok ads becomes a golden opportunity for brands to reach their target audiences. Go with TikTok ads and get the attention of young audiences.